Free Taste of Kabbalah Cards

Watch Videos on Kabbalah and Sample 14 Kabbalah Cards to Apply to Your Daily Life

Truth Seekers: Now You Can Learn Kabbalah and Jewish Wisdom Without Having Any Prior Knowledge Whatsoever!

This course gives you short videos that give an overview of Kabbalah, perfect for beginners. You also get to learn how to use Kabbalah cards as well as being able to sample them.

Your Bubbe May Have Never Taught You About Your Own Jewish Heritage. Western Culture Has also Diluted, Corrupted and Bastardized the Very Soul of Judaism and the Jewish People so That the Truth Has Had to Remain Hidden. But All is Now Being Revealed Through a Shockingly Simple and Quick Daily Practice that Guarantees You'll Learn to Apply Jewish Wisdom to Your Life and to Your Personal Struggles.

Have you ever wanted to have a morning or evening ritual to check in with yourself, do an accounting, possibly some journaling, prayer, gratitude and intention setting for the day ahead?

Combine this ritual with using the Jewish Kabbalah as

*a lens to look through when examining yourself and your life progress

*a resource to help guide you through your personal challenges

*a way to easily learn and apply Jewish wisdom to your spiritual growth

In a short 14 days (or as long you want), you will sample a unique self-help tool in card-form to work through any challenge you may have.

You will be able to see how you can easily apply Kabbalah to your daily life . This class is a peek at the Kabbalah cards. These cards were created as an aid to a year-long, monthly course on the holidays, traditions and concepts of Judaism and Kabbalah. They are a tool that is used for understanding and applying the lessons in the yearly Kabbalah class held in Santa Cruz, CA. This class will eventually be available online.

With these cards you are able to:

• ask and find answers to the most important and most basic personal questions.

• access the understanding of Judaism that you would never be able to on your own.

• with no prior knowledge whatsoever, become familiar with Judaism and Kabbalah.

Lessons and the cards that go with them are applicable to Jew and non-Jew alike. Access the jewels of Judaism you would never be able to on your own.

You can find what you are looking for and so much more, right in your own backyard!

Get yourself informed on the Judaism and Kabbalah that Bubbie never taught you!!!

Here's what others are saying about the Kabbalah cards:

"I received the Hasidic Kabbalah Cards: they are inspired - they are filling some gaps that I have had about Kabbalah."

"I've been looking over the cards and they are extraordinary, and they are wonderful and I love them. I want private classes with you!"

"Your cards and classes helped me resolve a long-standing conflict with my sisters that was troubling me."

"You have saved us all the trouble of looking up all of this on our own!"

"It's crazy how I keep picking the exact, right card to answer my questions!"

"I am so impressed with the cards and the thoughtful, thought-provoking layouts. The structure and process and the treat of having affirmations that I can focus on and hold with me is invaluable."

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Your Instructor

Allison Gilbert, LMFT
Allison Gilbert, LMFT

Allison Gilbert, LMFT is a certified Kabbalah Coach. Allison is also in private practice as a psychotherapist in Santa Cruz, California and has been licensed since 1985. She incorporates the deepest wisdom from Hasidic sources into her counseling. She studied in the rabbinic program at the University of Judaism and has studied with the Kabbalah teachers Shimona Tzukernik, Shifra Hendrie and Rav Doniel Katz. Allison wrote her masters thesis on using the Tarot as a counseling tool. She created a deck of 49 Kabbalah Cards in 2015 and presently teaches how to use these cards as a self-help tool for daily meditation. Her Kabbalah class taught in S.Cruz, CA, incorporates the use of her card deck to help participants learn and apply Kabbalah to their daily lives. Learn more about Allison at her website: She also wrote a book for new mothers. Learn more at her website:

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