Free Preview: Cheshvan - Back to Reality; Learning about the Family of Man through Genesis; Moving from Golus to Geula

This is a good example of what the other classes are like. There may be fewer handouts but all classes contain 4 main things:

  1. History of that month
  2. Holidays of that month
  3. Kabbalah concepts we learn that month
  4. Kabbalah cards layout for that month to help apply the concepts

The month of Cheshvan

  • Overview of the generations of mankind and the ancestral lines outlined in Genesis.
  • Where we get the word “Semites”.
  • History of the many difficulties that occurred for the Jewish people in this month
  • among these are the Flood of Noah, Kristallnacht, the Mumbai Terror attacks.
  • Introducing Soul Garments of Thought, Speech & Action.
  • Handout and writing exercise to move from golus to geula in thought, speech and action.

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Online Cheshvan Handout Golus Geulah Soul Garments Explanation.pdf
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Online Cheshvan Handout Compassionate Inner Parent.pdf
Online Cheshvan Handout Inner Parent Inner Child in Sefirot.pdf
Online Cheshvan Handout Writing Exercise Going from Golus to Geula.pdf
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